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Catfish - Large Mouth Bass - Pan fish - Pike - American Shad - Salmon - Walleye

The FRESHWATER SERIES offers some interesting challenges. “Many of these species have completely different bone structures”. Says Vince. The Shad has over 300 bones on each side of the backbone. In this DVD I will actually show you how to bone a Shad.
This DVD gave me a chance to fillet some species that I don’t often see.  For example, I can’t remember the last Pike or Walleye which I have had an opportunity to clean.  The Cooking section has some delicious recipes. Depending on the season, your catch may be smaller, and for that reason it is even more important to fillet your fish properly.  Follow my tips and techniques, and with practice and time your skills will greatly improve.
“Don’t just do it, DO IT RIGHT!”

Video Cleaning Seafood - Freshwater

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